Manage all your company's relations and opportunities, easily.

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Manage all your company's relations with a single solution.

Business manager merges Customer Relationship Management with Supplier Relationship Management in a dedicated area that only your account managers can access.
In a single interface, Weebiz account managers (either from buying or selling team) will be able to address all issues related to the business.

Refine every aspect of your business.

From clients or suppliers individual accounts (current or potential) to the ensuing opportunities and needs. No task will be left unnoticed as you optimize selling and buying processes with a single intuitive and reliable tool. An application entirely built around the delicate subject of business relations. Tested, improved and simplified. Now available for free, with any Weebiz account.

Promotion, Search and Relationship Management: all together for the first time.

Business Manager operates in a fully integrated way with Weebiz. You can, for example, search your company's industry for potential partners on Weebiz and, with just a few clicks, have all the info related to them on your Business Manager's potential clients accounts. No time wasted, no information loss: your company's opportunities and relations integrated and organized, making your company's success probabilities greatly enhanced.

Main Features of the Business Manager

  • Manage Tasks: Your company's daily operations: categorized and time framed. Associate every task to the correspondent subject and insert related documents and notes. Easy to create and simple to edit. Traceable even after closure.

  • Manage Needs: Define and know your company's needs at any given time. The suppliers involved, its current stage, expected close date, corresponding task and who it is related to.

  • Manage Opportunities: Keep every window of opportunity under attention with accessible, organized and updated info. Opportunities' stage, close dates, related tasks and contacts.

  • Manage your Business Contacts: Phone numbers, e-mails and every other way to reach your clients, suppliers, partners or colleagues. Organized and accessible.

  • Manage your Clients and Suppliers: Current and potential clients and suppliers dedicated folder, with all the available information and documents related to each one of them.

  • Projects and Ideas The perfect ground for creativity and discussion to flourish. Explore new concepts, debate views, tackle issues.

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